Gruendungsidee Wiegreffe


Founding of the first northern German dairy cooperative

Seven farmers get together and form one of the first dairy cooperatives in northern Germany. Their aim is to produce and sell dairy products. Profits generated jointly are to be shared equally among the members of the cooperative.

The picture shows the letter of invitation that initiated the founding of the cooperative.

Kaeselager Wiefelstede


Start of cheese production

Numerous Ammerland dairies successfully enter cheese production – a success story despite established foreign imports. The cheese business develops so well that more than 70 percent of the milk delivered is turned into cheese by 1960.



Growth and modernization

The launch of a government-backed development program for farming sparks a wave of modernization across the agricultural sector. Numerous technical advances are adopted by the Ammerland dairies and by suppliers’ farms.

Lkw Milchkannen


Milk tankers conquer the world

The introduction of milk tankers toward the end of the 1960s amounts to a small revolution, with pumps replacing physical strength, cooling superseding ambient temperature, large tanks taking the place of 20-liter cans, and trucks supplanting tractors.

Werk Dringenburg Grundsteinlegung


Founding of Milchwerke Ammerland-Oldenburg eG

In 1989, the year the Berlin Wall falls, Ammerland has a unification of its own: The dairy cooperatives Westerstede, Wiefelstede, Oldenburg, Jaderberg, Altjührden and Apen merge to form Milchwerke Ammerland-Oldenburg eG. In April 1990, work begins on the new main plant in Wiefelstede-Dringenburg. The production plant for cheese and whey concentrate is inaugurated one year later.

Luftbild Dringenburg


Certificate for quality management

The products from the new plant are top-quality right from the start: In July 1994, Milchwerke Ammerland-Oldenburg eG becomes one of the first dairies to be awarded the international quality standard ISO 9002.

Old logo Molkerei Ammerland


A new name: Molkerei Ammerland

Durch Beschluss der Generalversammlung vom 26. Mai 2000 ändern die Milchwerke Ammerland-Oldenburg eG ihren Namen in Molkerei Ammerland eG.

The picture shows the company logo that was used until 2017.

logo elipse oben 300mm


Launch of the Ammerländer brand

Molkerei Ammerland introduces Ammerländer, its own brand for dairy products. The name emphasizes the origin of the original dairy and the location of today’s production. The brand develops very successfully in the years that follow, both nationally and internationally.

Gouda Kaese im Anschnitt


Direct marketing

Molkerei Ammerland makes the transition to independent distribution. Since then, the entire range of cheese products has been marketed under the new Ammerländer brand name or sold directly to retail customers. Butter, milk and whey powder are also marketed directly from now on.


Founding of the first sales subsidiary

The first international subsidiary is founded in Budapest, Hungary. Ammerland Hungary develops very successfully from the very beginning. Today the company is an established player on the Hungarian cheese market. Over the years, further sales subsidiaries follow, with Ammerland Asia Pacific (2012), Ammerland Ibérica (2014), Ammerland America (2016) and Ammerland Trading (2017).

molkerei ammerland 0317 0159 final


International markets

The international export business sees continuous expansion starting in the early 2000s. By 2008, Molkerei Ammerland is selling its products in over 50 countries and on five continents. Over 40 percent of its products are exported.

DSC 6763


1 billion kilos of milk processed

For the first time in its history, Molkerei Ammerland processes more than 1 billion kilograms of milk. Since the start of production at the Dringenburg site, milk processing has quadrupled.

Jubilaeumschronik Umschlag


125 years of Molkerei Ammerland

Molkerei Ammerland celebrates its 125th anniversary. A history of the cooperative is presented to the public at an event marking the anniversary.

molkerei ammerland


High-rack warehouse and spray drying tower

A fully automatic high-rack warehouse with almost 22,000 storage spaces is built at the cooperative’s headquarters in Wiefelstede-Dringenburg. In addition, a second spray drying tower for the production of whey powder goes into operation. Up to 160 metric tons can be produced here every day.

MA lufaufnahme Oldenburg


Expansion of the Oldenburg site

An ultra-high temperature plant for the production of long-life milk starts operation at the Oldenburg site. The capacity of the warehouse is also expanded. From now on, there are around 2,200 storage spaces in the UHT milk warehouse and a good 3,000 in the fresh milk warehouse.

molkerei von innen


Completion of new cheese production line

Measuring 14,000 square meters, the new cheese production line IV at the Dringenburg location is practically a completely new dairy and offers considerably expanded production possibilities. At the same time, it is a completely closed system that operates fully automatically.

Generalversammlung im Autokino


Getting through Corona with flexibility

The pandemic and its related constraints lead the cooperative to hold its general meeting at the drive-in cinema in Wüsting. In a fiscal year influenced by the effects of Corona the dairy processes more than 2 billion kilograms of milk for the first time and generates sales of more than 1 billion euros.

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