Regionality is our trademark.

We at Molkerei Ammerland like to get straight to the point – straight from the farm, and straight to the plant. That is why we only process milk from suppliers within a radius of about 80 kilometers of the dairy. Regionality is a central hallmark of Molkerei Ammerland.

From farm to dairy.

The advantages are clear. First, our region – with its lush meadows, climate and geographical attributes – offers ideal conditions for dairy farming. And second, raw milk does not have to travel long distances before it can be processed. To ensure that the milk is delivered safely to us, it is collected around the clock directly from the farm by our own milk tankers from Ammerländer Milchtransport GmbH. Different types of milk, such as conventional milk, pasture milk or organic milk, are collected and processed separately.

We then process the high-quality Ammerländer milk at our production facilities. And although we have one of the most advanced cheese production lines in Europe and a state-of-the-art plant for fresh products, we still work according to traditional production methods.

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