Ammerländer: from here – naturally.

Logo AmmerländerWhat makes Ammerland special? Northern German freshness and the naturalness of our grassland. This is exactly what our Ammerländer brand stands for, as reflected in the logo, featuring a green and white lighthouse on a green meadow in front of a blue sky.

Regional brand.

In Germany, Ammerländer stands for three distinctive features: regionality, pasture farming and the cooperative principle. All the milk for our product range comes from within a radius of some 80 kilometers of our production sites. It comes exclusively from cows that are kept according to the clear standards of the PRO WEIDELAND label. And since our dairy is a cooperative, it belongs to the dairy farmers, and the proceeds from the products go to them in full.

Nothing but nature.

Since fall 2018, we have also been offering our customers organic milk products, produced by suppliers who are certified according to the strict Bioland standard. These features enable Ammerland products to set themselves apart from the rest of the market.

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In 2001, Molkerei Ammerland introduced its own brand for dairy products: Ammerländer. Learn more about our brand.