Success in versatility.

Customer requirements keep evolving. And because we have a keen sense for trends, we evolve with them. Whether it’s milk from cows kept in pastures or organic quality, we offer products in variations that leave nothing to be desired. We refer to them as added-value concepts.

Straight from the pasture.

It began back in 2009, when milk suppliers to our dairy first produced milk from cows kept in pastures. Over the years, we have developed and enhanced the concept step by step. An important milestone came in 2017 when we became the first dairy to join the PRO WEIDELAND program. Since then we have been producing certified pasture milk products featuring the PRO WEIDELAND label. It guarantees that the purchase of such products supports northern German pasture farming and animal welfare. Since 2016, we have also been upgrading our pasture milk products with the protected Ohne Gentechnik (no genetic engineering) seal.


Logo Pro WeidelandAll products in the Ammerländer pasture range carry the PRO WEIDELAND label. Supported by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of the German state of Lower Saxony, the Grünlandzentrum organization has developed a label for products made from pasture milk. It shows consumers that purchasing a particular product helps support northern German pasture farming and the preservation of pastureland.

  • Cows must be kept on pastures for at least 120 days a year and for at least 6 hours a day.
  • Each cow has at least 2,000 square meters of pastureland available for sufficient freedom of movement and as a feed basis.
  • By grazing, the cows preserve the pastureland as an important habitat for numerous plants and animals.

Nothing but nature.

Organic products are the trend right now, and demand for them is steadily growing. That is why we also process organic milk from our milk suppliers. Our organic milk is produced in compliance with the requirements of the European regulations on organic farming and Bioland e.V. That way, our milk suppliers can develop their farms and our customers can enjoy our Ammerland products in the best organic quality.


Logo BiolandBioland e.V. is the leading association for organic farming in Germany. For more than 45 years, Bioland members and their association have been developing an ecologically, economically and socially compatible alternative. Important cornerstones are the seven Bioland principles for the future of farming:

  • Ensuring a circular economy
  • Promoting soil fertility
  • Keeping animals humanely
  • Producing nutritious food
  • Promoting biological diversity
  • Preserving natural resources
  • Helping to give people a future worth living

Molkerei Ammerland has chosen Bioland e.V. because the association is a reliable partner with high standards that is respected by consumers.

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Molkerei Ammerland is a pioneer and the first dairy to join the PRO WEIDELAND programme in 2017.


Bioland is the leading association for organic farming in Germany. Our organic milk meets the requirements of Bioland.