A tradition of progress.

As one of the oldest dairy cooperatives in northern Germany, we admit that there’s no secret to our success. The reason we thrive hasn’t changed since we were set up in 1885. From the very beginning, our cooperative has developed successfully. Today, Molkerei Ammerland is one of the largest and most modern dairy cooperatives in Europe. But one thing has always remained the same: Now, as then, local farmers manage the dairy as a cooperative enterprise – the only difference being that there are almost 2,000 of them now, rather than just seven.

Variety rules.

One of the most important pillars of our success has always been the diversity of our dairy producers. None of our suppliers are quite alike. Our principle has always been to value each individual farmer as a fully-fledged partner and to safeguard farms, thereby achieving more as a strong community.

Northern. Natural. Sustainable.

A commitment to the best Ammerland quality and responsibility for people, animals and the environment form an integral part of our company. In addition to the diversity and community of milk suppliers and employees, we have a strong bond with the region in which our milk is produced. The principle of mutual appreciation also applies to our partners and customers. It has shaped Molkerei Ammerland into what it is today: a reliable and efficient partner worldwide.

Regional spread of our dairy producers (as of 2019):

Map all milk suppliers