Our commitment.

We are a company with deep roots in the northwest of Germany. This is where our farmers produce raw milk, where we make our dairy products, and where we live and work. Our home region is important to us, and we want to help ensure it remains a good place to live.

Active in the region.

The broad social commitment of Molkerei Ammerland and of our brand Ammerländer is part of our contribution to this region. Inclusion is one of the focus topics: Together with Werder Bremen, we hold an inclusion match day every season. We also support the Special Olympics Bremen organization, which organizes and promotes sports competitions for people with mental disabilities.

We also support the Frisches Frühstück (Fresh Breakfast) initiative to raise awareness of healthy breakfast habits among preschoolers

Molkerei Ammerland is present at numerous regional events or supports them as a sponsor. The events range from grazing events and agricultural fairs to horse shows and cooking events. If any of these activities generate revenues from product sales, we donate them in full to charity.

Our milk suppliers are also involved in the community and actively engage with the public. Many farms invite visitors at regular intervals, for example as part of farm festivals, and bring the work of a farm closer to the guests.

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A tradition of progress.

As one of the oldest dairy cooperatives in northern Germany, we admit that there’s no secret to our success. The reason we thrive hasn’t changed since we were set up in 1885.

Quality on our doorstep.

The nature of our region offers perfect conditions for the best quality.