You can meet quality standards. Or exceed them.

We have opted for the latter. We monitor the entire production process from the farm to the finished product. Despite short transport distances for collecting our raw milk, and despite the speed of our processing, we take the time to ensure that our products are of impeccable quality.

The highest standards right from the start.

We continuously certify our dairy farmers according to the strictest criteria. We mark exemplary farms with farm signs. From the production of the milk right up to its processing into the end product, we constantly take samples to ensure that the quality is just right. That includes full traceability.

Quality in all processes.

Our comprehensive quality management system with numerous certifications attests to our strict quality policy. In addition to regular internal controls, we are constantly monitored by external laboratories. Our efforts have been rewarded again and again, with awards for the quality of our products and – even more importantly – with satisfied customers.


Overview of our certifications:

  • Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000
  • IFS (International Featured Standard Food, higher level)
  • VLOG Standard (without genetic engineering)
  • EU organic and Bioland labels
  • QS feed certification
  • Halal and kosher certification
  • DIN EN ISO 50001:2018

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Natural quality.

Quality is paramount. Top-quality, safe products are the foundation of customer satisfaction and our success.